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Automate Against an Authoritative Network Source of Truth

Set the baseline for network automation across the enterprise

Know your network to automate effectively

For most network teams, knowing where to start is the biggest hurdle on the road to network automation. An authoritative inventory often provides the most effective roadmap - knowing what you want to automate forms the baseline for how you automate.

Manage at scale 2x

Your infrastructure is exponentially more complex

90% of enterprises worldwide rely on a mix of on-premises, dedicated private clouds, multiple public clouds, and legacy platforms to meet their infrastructure needs

Automation cuts through complexity

Automating network change activity can reduce outages by 50% and enable 50% faster service delivery

Spreadsheets are the enemy of automation

Without accurate, real-time data, you can’t use popular network automation tools effectively

Kickstart any network automation program with a network source of truth

Know what you can automate

Asset spreadsheets aren’t enough to get you started with network automation. Only an interactive network source of truth shows how all those assets are connected - an essential element of any automated workflow. NS1 maps both assets and connections, guiding your automation system to the correct network pathways.

Know what to automate 2x

Map connections

Know how your network assets fit together - the starting point for process automation

Inventory physical and virtual assets

Create a complete picture of your physical servers, data center hardware, VMs, and IP addresses

Prevent errors

Check your assumptions about network assets and connections against operational reality

Generate an automation plan

Map out the ideal state of your network and automatically configure against it

Integrate network assets with automation platforms

With an authoritative network source of truth in place, you can integrate it with your automation layer of choice and start automating processes with confidence, even as the underlying network architecture changes. NS1 makes that critical connection between what you’re using and what you want to accomplish on those assets.

  • Layer on your automation platform(s) of choice: your network source of truth integrates with all of the major automation platforms like Terraform, Ansible, and more

  • Consistent standards across the enterprise: Have all your systems singing from the same sheet of music, whichever automation platform they happen to be using

  • API-first architecture: Every line of NS1 code starts out as an API - open, integration-friendly architectures are part of our DNA

Integrations 2x

Prevent IP conflicts and maximize IP address space

Automated IP address management (IPAM) prevents network outages caused by “fat finger” IP conflicts and maximizes available IP address space by allowing re-use of IP addresses. NS1’s authoritative network source of truth makes IPAM more efficient and more secure, without locking you into a proprietary automation architecture.

Ip conflict 2x

Automate IPAM with any platform

Don’t get locked into proprietary plug-ins and architectures - simply map IPAM onto the automation platform you already own

Plan IP address architectures

Automate IP address allocations against the ideal state of your network

Prevent outages and downtime

Eliminate the risk associated with manual errors in IP address assignments

Implement self-service

Deliver IP addresses on demand, without the need for help desk tickets

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