Welcome to NS1 Portal v2

We’re thrilled to announce that today NS1 is launching an Open Beta for the new version of our DNS & Traffic Management portal. We’re excited to share all of the improvements we’ve made with you and, just as importantly, give you a chance to provide feedback. Please know that your notes are invaluable and will help shape the product that all NS1 customers will use.

We have gone ahead and provisioned access to the Portal v2 user interface for your account. See below for additional detail about the new portal and instructions on how to get started:

Portal v1 vs. Portal v2

Like v1, our new portal is simply Javascript sitting on top of our API. No changes have been made to our underlying API, so all zones, records, monitors, and data feeds in your existing account will automatically appear in the new portal. There is no need for any kind of migration, and you can continue to switch between v1 and v2 interchangeably as you see fit.

The other key point is that this release is part of a phased approach to upgrading our portal. The beta that we are releasing today has all of the features included in NS1 Portal v1 and some incredibly exciting new ones like our Analyze Filters tool that we’re ready to share with you now. We will continue to add functionality and polish to v2 over the coming months and no features will be left behind when v1 is deprecated. In an effort to ease the transition process, we will continue to make Portal v1 available at my.nsone.net, though we will ultimately sunset v1 later this year. NS1 Support will provide notice once a date has been finalized.  

Accessing the New Portal

Simply login to your account as usual and click the “Try our new Customer Portal” banner on the Dashboard page. Portal v2 can also be accessed from the Account drop-down menu at the top right of your screen in Portal v1.

Once you’ve entered the new portal, you can optionally choose to have my.nsone.net always direct you to this new version by clicking “Set v2 as Default” in the Account drop-down. This menu also includes an option to return to Portal v1, which will delete the cookie that set v2 as your default.
Portal v2 works with all major browsers, however WebKit-based browsers like Chrome, Safari, and Opera may provide the best experience at this time. We will be focusing on improving compatibility with all major browsers during the Open Beta.

Feedback Mechanism

We’re asking that you send all feedback related to this Open Beta to [email protected] Feature requests and questions on portal design will be passed along to our front-end team for review. Anything that can be addressed immediately by our Customer Success team will be treated just like any other support ticket. You can continue to send any questions/comments unrelated to the Open Beta to [email protected] as you typically would.