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Portal v2 Bug Report

We are working actively to resolve a few remaining bugs and will be updating this page throughout the Open Beta period. If you encounter any bugs while using the new portal that we haven’t already identified below, please send those to [email protected]

  • When a user attempts to navigate away from a page prior to saving changes, a modal does not appear asking "Are you sure you want to leave this page?" Adding this feature is on our active to-do list and work should be completed shortly.
  • There is a bug in the Monitoring section where the pagination does not automatically flip back to page 1 when using the "Search by Monitor Name" tool. This can make it appear as though there are no monitors that match the search terms when in fact there are.
  • In the Integrations section, we have not yet added detailed error messages to explain why a data feed was not generated. If there is an error, clicking the Save button will not result in any changes being implemented.     
  • There is no option to delete a Linked Zone; Linked Records cannot be pointed at a different record than originally intended (user must delete and create a new record)
  • TCP monitors do not have default values for Connection and Response timeouts (2000 and 1000, respectively in Portal v1)
  • API keys are not currently obfuscated in the Account section of the portal