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Application Traffic Optimization

Intelligent and Automated Application Traffic Steering

Deliver optimal end-user application experiences while balancing capacity and cost with our data-driven, automated traffic steering solutions.

Performant and Secure Application Delivery at the Distributed Edge

Optimize application delivery performance, capacity, and cost with NS1’s intelligent, automated solutions that use real-time telemetry about internet and cloud conditions, your users, network, and infrastructure.

Improve Application Delivery Inside and Outside the Enterprise with NS1

Ensure highly consistent performance and availability for all users, provide 100% availability for your remote workforce, and simplify management of complex infrastructures with NS1's intelligent traffic steering solutions.

Reduce Costs by Using Endpoints Most Efficiently

Meet your budgetary goals and provider commits by optimizing application traffic steering for both performance and cost.

Optimize Application Delivery Performance with Data-Driven Traffic Steering

Use real-time telemetry about conditions across your networking infrastructure to proactively steer application traffic to the healthiest endpoint.

Orchestrate Application Traffic Across Distributed and Diverse Infrastructures

Orchestrate application infrastructure through the use of DevOps, IaaC and automation tools to enable a dynamic, elastic environment.

How to Successfully Deliver a Large-Scale, Livestreamed Event

James Royalty, Distinguished Engineer at NS1, gives an in-depth look at how NS1 worked with FOX to deliver an optimal end-user streaming experience for the 2020 Super Bowl.

NS1 Solutions for Application Traffic Optimization

Pulsar® Active Traffic Steering

Intelligent traffic steering ideal for live streaming, multi-CDN, cloud, and edge delivery that uses real user monitoring and highly customizable routing logic to optimize performance and cost at scale.

Hero Pulsar Active Traffic Steering

Global Traffic Management

A powerful, flexible, easy-to-use policy decision engine - our Filter Chain technology - uses diverse infrastructure and internet telemetry data to route application traffic and optimize performance, reliability, and cost.

Hero Global Traffic Management GTM

VPN Traffic Steering

Ensure performant and secure VPN connections for your remote workforce, while using VPN capacity most efficiently, with NS1’s intelligent traffic routing.

Ns1 hero vpn 01

DNS and Application Traffic Management

A SaaS solution that includes resilient, secure and scalable managed DNS, global server load balancing, and active traffic steering to deliver applications anywhere with speed, efficiency, and reliability.

Dns app traffic video thumbnail

Benefits of NS1 Application Traffic Optimization Solutions

Make APM and Infrastructure Data Feeds Actionable

Connect your monitoring vendors and your infrastructure directly to your DNS to intelligently make routing adjustments on the fly. Our data feeds make it easy to steer traffic based on the tools you’re already using to monitor your network and hardware.

Vendor-Agnostic Traffic Steering

Unlike CDN or cloud provider solutions that are built to best suit their own environments and interests, NS1 provides a neutral, best-of-breed solution that works across all providers, making it easy to implement hybrid and multi-x architectures.

Implement DNSSEC Without Sacrificing Performance

Unlike some other solutions that don’t support DNSSEC and global traffic management at the same time, NS1 has no limitations in using these capabilities together.

Point-and-Click Traffic Management with Filter Chains

Our point-and-click Filter Chain interface makes it easy to implement your business logic in DNS. Filter Chains can combine dozens of powerful traffic steering algorithms that allow you to go beyond simple geography-based traffic routing, including real-user latency measurements, geo-routing with city-level granularity, ASN and IP prefix lists, and even IP-based sticky sessions.

Real-time, Data-driven Traffic Decisions

Pulsar uses real user metrics gathered in real-time to route traffic based on whatever performance KPIs matter most to you. This makes it simple to make data-driven traffic steering decisions using real-time telemetry from your infrastructure, users, and the internet as well as your business priorities and goals (e.g., cost, preferred service provider).

Route Map Technology

Our Route Map technology allows customers to customize Filter Chain policies for specific delivery requirements.

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