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Anycasted Network

NS1's Managed DNS solutions are propelled by our best-in-class anycasted DNS network. NS1 leverages both traditional colocation alongside established hosting providers who have solid networks and peering agreements in place with hundreds of ISPs, including valuable eyeball networks and major recursive DNS providers.

London from above 3 QDW89 G

The NS1 Global Network

26 network POPs on 6 continents to ensure you get the best performance — any time, anywhere.

In addition to utilizing transit from the best Tier 1 providers in each region, NS1 is able to select from more than dozens of smaller NSPs and leverage major peering exchanges in order to find the healthiest and fastest route available to deliver your DNS. NS1’s network is blazing fast, and it’s also incredibly deep, with hundreds of Gbps of capacity online at all times.

POP Locations

Toronto, ON

New York City, NY

Ashburn, VA

Atlanta, GA

Miami, FL

Chicago, IL

Dallas, TX

Denver, CO

Seattle, WA

San Jose, CA

Los Angeles, CA

POP Locations

Sao Paulo, BR

Bogota, CO

London, UK

Marseille, FR

Amsterdam, NL

Frankfurt, DE

Bucharest, RO

Johannesburg, ZA

Chennai, IN

Tokyo, JP

Hong Kong, HK

Singapore, SG

Sydney, AU

Helsinki, FI

Paris, FR

Constantly Improving

Today NS1 is deployed in 26 locations around the globe with some of the best network providers in the industry. NS1 constantly works with our providers to optimize our routes and incorporate additional upstream providers into our blend. The result is an IP network comprised of the best self-healing and anycasted transit providers on the planet, offering unparalleled reach, capacity, reliability, and performance to whom it matters most: your end users and their upstream DNS providers.