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Analyst Reports

Analyst Report

Multi-CDN Usage Grows as Video Streaming and Online Gaming Thrive

451 Group outlines the reasoning behind multi-CDN implementation, explores the mechanics behind it, and provides an overview of the vendors in this space.

Analyst Report

EMA White Paper - A Recommended New Approach to Improve Digital Application Performance

Traffic optimization solutions based on managed DNS services are a critical component of such distributed architecture. They offer an efficient method for optimizing globally-distributed architectures for both end-user performance and cost.

PulsarManaged DNS
Analyst Report

IDC Report: A Modern DNS for Modern Infrastructure Challenges

Find out why IDC says a modern Private DNS platform is overdue, and how it can help you automate for scale, efficiency and agility.

Private DNS
Analyst Report

451 Research DNS Reboot: From Commodity to Strategic Asset

DNS is a critical component of the network. It is pervasive, touching all devices attached to the internet; nevertheless, the DNS infrastructure is treated as little more than the internet equivalent of a phone book.

Managed DNS
Analyst Report

Gartner Report - If External DNS Fails, So Does Your Digital Business

In this complimentary research report from Gartner, discover the hidden risks that poorly architected DNS setups pose to your digital business and learn how to protect yourself from the ongoing threat of mega-DDoS attacks and network outages.

Dedicated DNSManaged DNS
Analyst Report

IDC Technology Spotlight - DNS: The Behind-the-Scenes Network MVP of Digital Transformation

This IDC Technology Spotlight focuses on why enterprises engaged in digital transformation need an advanced DNS and traffic management strategy and discusses the role NS1 plays in the DNS and traffic management market.

PulsarDedicated DNSManaged DNS
Analyst Report

451 Pathfinder Analyst Report: DNS for a DevOps Future

DNS—that little-noticed piece of Internet infrastructure—is emerging as a key tool to realizing the promise of cloud computing.

PulsarDedicated DNSManaged DNS
Analyst Report

451 Research Report – NS1 Aims Pulsar, Managed DNS at Web-Scale Enterprise Market

Get 451 Research’s Take on NS1’s Strategy, Products, Customers, and Competition. In addition, learn how NS1 is helping leading organizations like Yelp, Imgur, CatchPoint, TurboBytes, and more drive results with intelligent DNS & traffic management.

PulsarDedicated DNSManaged DNS

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