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Domain Registrations, Delegations, and DNS.

Network outages, more often than not, are the result of human error. Understanding the domain registration and delegation process, pitfalls, and areas of potential error will enable your organization to put best practices into place.

Optimizing a Multi-CDN Strategy with NS1

Many enterprises find it increasingly difficult to deliver a consistently high-quality end user experience to a global online audience using a single CDN. NS1 makes it easy for online organizations to reap the benefits of a multi-CDN strategy.

New Subscription Plans for Managed DNS

Last week NS1 launched a new set of subscription plans for our Managed DNS service and we’re excited to tell you more about them. So, what are the changes, why did we make them, and what has been the reaction so far?

[Video] The Art of Measuring DNS Performance

In this 30 minute webinar, Devin Bernosky, Solutions Engineer, will discuss how enterprises should approach measuring their name server performance, why it’s critical to do so, and address a variety of benchmarking fallacies.

Software Defined Networking

Software defined networking (SDN) has become a prolific buzzword and a topic of heated debate, throughout the networking community at large, especially with the advent of dockerized systems.

Glue Records and Dedicated DNS

In normal DNS resolution, when a resolver attempts to resolve a domain name, it queries the authoritative nameservers for the domain. If the nameservers for a domain exist inside the domain itself, a glue record is needed to resolve the domain name.